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We are called SEO 24/7 because our campaigns run seamlessly 24/7 to achieve optimal results for each and every one of our clients. Our ethos is rather simple, we work hard every minute of every day to ensure that your success is our success. Call or email us to switch to an SEO and PPC provider that you can trust!SEO Company
Here at SEO 24/7 we don't keep our methods a secret, we want you to know exactly what work is being carried out and we ensure there's no smoke and mirrors. Here's an overview of the SEO services we implement:

  • Improved Indexing: XML Sitemaps, HTML Sitemaps, Navigation, Broken Link Checks, Robots.txt, .htaccess, Canonicalisation
  • Keyword Inclusion: Strategic SEO copywriting focusing on the customer journey and your sales rather than keyword-stuffing.
  • Keyword Research: We target the search terms that convert using Long-tail optimisation, Niche Marketing, Analytics and Trends
  • Conversion Optimisation: We convert visitors to sales using Call-to-actions, Conversion Tracking, Interactivity, Forms & Reviews.
  • Link Relationships: We focus on getting links from high Domain Authority websites to obtain industry-related links to your website.
  • The basics of SEO: We check all of the boxes: Header Tags, ALT Tags, Title and Description Tags, Anchor Text, Rich Snippets.

Why use our SEO agency for your SEO campaign? Our proven SEO results and client testimonials speak for themselves...

At SEO 24/7 we pride ourselves on being an open and honest PPC and SEO Agency providing services that focus on Conversion, Sales and Revenue. Each one of our SEO consultants are proven experts in all areas of search marketing including pay-per-click and search engine optimisation.

From our Head Office we not only provide SEO and PPC services throughout Lancaster, Kendal, MorecambePreston, and other Lake District areas our North West Regional Office in Manchester caters for businesses across the UK and internationally. Feel free to call our team today for a free consultation and ask any of our SEO consultants for testimonials and proof of our achievements. We don't listen to rumour mills and only use Google Webmaster Videos and the Google Webmaster Guidelines as a reputable source of SEO information.

Our Focus:

Many SEO Companies focus on increasing traffic and rankings, claiming that it's all about search volume. Here at SEO 24/7 our staff have been in the industry for over a decade and we know that it's about increasing sales, revenues and profit margins.

Our Priority Sectors:

Many people ask us what industry sectors we specialise in, and although we do have a handful of clients in a few similar industries we don't restrict ourselves to these specific industries as we know that we can help every business in any field. So whatever industry you are in we'd love to hear from you.

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